Do you ever wish that you could have seen and heard your ancestors telling the stories of their lives? Do you regret that their stories are only half-remembered through fragments of family whispers?

ViStory is an opportunity for you to share your story with future generations of your family through the visual medium of video. Your story, told by you. Your story comes alive as future generations watch you sharing your special history and moments

How does it work?

We ask you questions about your life and the answers you give will form the story, your Vi(deo hi)story. It is better if you do not prepare, trust us. If you want something more, you can give us photos from your life. We will give them shape and rhythm and incorporate them in the video. This will become Your ViStory, which can go on YouTube for the world to see OR be shared by you with your family in private.

How much does it cost?

With packages starting from $300, we have something for all budgets.