Personal branding is the future; a future which began yesterday.

Get ahead of your colleagues and make video a part of your personal branding strategy – today. You will stand out, make an emotional impact and develop important new skills in this increasingly vital medium.

A video bio is not a video resume. It’s a brief, 2-to-3-minute biopic all about the brand called “you”. But I’ve got a LinkedIn profile – why do I need more?

Simple. Video is more powerful because it allows you to deliver a visual message the way you want that message to be received. In turn, this fosters emotional connections with those who are making decisions about you. Think of your video bio as a surrogate YOU when you aren’t there.

Video is so effective in communicating your personal brand, because your audience already feels they’ve met you by the time the video is over. With video, connections you want to make see who you really are. They hear your voice, your face and your body language. Video can support your branding efforts like no other medium on the web.